What is the Screen Over a Pool Called?

What is the screen over a swimming pool called? The structure surrounding the pool is called a screen enclosure. These swimming pool enclosures are most popular in Florida, where bugs and the sun are a common problems. Screen enclosures typically feature a dome roof, which gives the area a sense of openness and adds curb appeal. Additionally, the structure is durable and wind-resistant, making it an excellent option for homes in Florida.

In addition to offering privacy, pool enclosures can also be used to slow the evaporation process. These screens can be customized to blend into the backyard garden. In addition to providing privacy, they also improve lighting and transparency. If you’re considering buying a screen enclosure for your swimming pool, make sure to research the various styles available in the market. Once you’ve selected a model, you can start planning your outdoor living space around your swimming pool.

Keeping out bugs and other pests is a top reason to install a screen over your swimming pool. Mosquitoes can carry dangerous diseases such as West Nile and Zika. You’d never want to risk exposing your family to these germs! Screens also keep animals and pets out of your pool. Snakes and lizards can also get into your swimming pool if you don’t have a screen over it. Screen enclosures also protect your children from any dangers that may be lurking in the water.

Another important reason for having a screen over your pool is to keep out allergens. As much as you might love your swimming pool, heavy algae growth will affect the airflow through your pool enclosure, which can make it hotter. Regular cleaning of the screen over your pool will help prevent a musty odor from developing and allow maximum airflow into the area. Furthermore, a dirty screen is an eyesore in the neighborhood. Homeowners Associations in most communities enforce the need for cleanliness and will issue a citation to those who have dirty screens.

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Before buying a screen for your pool, it’s important to check out its lifespan. Choosing a high-quality screen will ensure that it lasts for years. You don’t want to pay too much for a screen that doesn’t last for long. So, consider your budget before making your decision. Consider the size and design of your swimming pool and the type of screen used. Remember that the better the screen, the more money you’ll be able to spend.

Installing a pool enclosure is a large job. Don’t try to do it yourself – it’s not a DIY project. Find a reputable company who will do it for you. Look for customer testimonials and reviews, and you’ll likely be very happy with your choice. There are many benefits to installing a pool enclosure. So, take the time to learn more about these pool enclosures and enjoy your new pool! ForĀ  more information visit: poolsidescreenrepair.com/oviedo