The impact of color on feng shui and taboos

Once, the Flier Bridge in London, England often diving suicides, British medical experts Dr. Prisson found that this is related to the bridge body is black, later, the British government will be replaced by a black bridge body blue, the result of the number of suicides jumping off the bridge reduced by 56.4%. It can be seen that color has a great impact on human emotions. Indeed, color stimulates people’s visual nerves by acting on their visual senses, thus affecting their mental state and quality of life. Therefore, in real life, people pay more and more attention to color, especially the choice of home color. After all, home is where we live and work. Home color and the four directions in feng shui, different colors have different meanings, different effects, then, home color should be how to choose to decorate it? From the four directions of feng shui five elements, each side of the four sides of the house has a suitable color.

  1 [East]
East is wood, therefore, the east of the house is suitable for the green color of wood. Green is a very mild color, giving people peace and comfort, has the effect of reducing eye pressure, relieve eye fatigue, calming the nerves, relaxing the spirit, etc., where the natural green is also good for relieving fainting nausea, negative pessimism. Therefore, hanging a few green pictures or other green ornaments on the walls in the east of the home, as well as in the eastern position of some green plants wooden cabinets tables and chairs, etc., will make the home full of vitality, so that people feel infinite peace and comfort, thus helping to grow the fortune of the whole home, so that children’s academic success, adults continue to develop their careers.

  In the relationship between the five elements, water produces wood, therefore, the east of the house can also be used to produce wood black or blue. Black has a calming effect of heat, irritability and insomnia and other emotions have a good stabilizing effect. Blue also has a calming effect on the regulation of nerves, therefore, in the eastern location of the home can also place some black blue tables, chairs and utensils, or on its walls hanging black and blue pictures, as well as the use of blue lights, etc., can effectively add luck for the owner of the house.

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  Home color and the five elements of orientation

  2 [West]
West is gold, like the white or gold earth yellow, the main wealth and career luck. White symbolizes pure antagonism, giving people a sense of cleanliness and neatness, but also help to keep blood pressure normal, thus helping people to better busy with their careers. Therefore, it is appropriate to place some white tables, chairs and utensils in the west of the home. Yellow is the brightest and brightest color, symbolizing health, while yellow is the most easily absorbed color, and symbolizes wealth, but also helps to stabilize the mood to improve appetite. Therefore, it is appropriate to place some yellow furniture accessories, such as citrine, shaped like gold, can bring wealth to the owner of the house.

  3 [South]
South is fire, it is appropriate to use red or fire-generating wood of green. Red is a more stimulating color, can accelerate blood circulation uplift the spirit, give people with enthusiasm and inspiration. In traditional Chinese customs, red symbolizes good luck and happy couplets, the new section of the unveiling of the list using red list, etc.. Red can also be used to ward off evil spirits, such as the year of birth is considered an inauspicious year, people in the year of birth will wear red underwear, hanging red ribbons, etc. to eliminate disasters and turn good luck. Therefore, in the southern location of the house, it is appropriate to place some red accessories or furniture, such as red tablecloths red carpets, etc. This can improve the work of adults and children’s enthusiasm for learning, to prevent the interference of inauspicious factors, so as to enhance the fortune of the entire house. The south of the house can also use the green color of wood, wood produces fire, which helps the owner’s health and fortune.

  4 [North]
North is water, it is appropriate to use black and blue or white of raw water. Black is noble and mysterious, with a clearing and calming effect, suitable with white yellow, making white and yellow more dazzling. Blue is an easy to make people think of the color, is a convenient color to match, blue helps regulate the nerves to treat insomnia, but also can assist in the treatment of lung disease and colon disease. North more control between the couple’s emotions and marital status, so the northern location in the house should use more noble and mysterious black reminiscent of blue and pure white, such as black and white pillows blue screen white lampshade, etc., so as to create a romantic and warm environment for the couple, deepen the feelings between the couple, thus contributing to the development of the whole house.  According to the five elements to determine the home color is a more secure and easy to learn method, but this method does not apply to everyone, in the decoration should pay more attention to the family’s five elements, the five elements of the impact of the five elements is greater than the five elements of the four directions. For example, the following wall coloring is determined in accordance with the five elements. Wall coloring Feng Shui taboo Wall coloring is also an effective means of decoration. The color of the walls should be light, so as to help absorb more light. If the wall color is dark, it will not only overload the eyes, but over time, it will also make people irritable and depressed.

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  There are five elements of color in feng shui, so if you can choose the color according to the five elements when painting the walls, it can be the icing on the cake for residential feng shui. For those who like gold, the walls should be light yellow and beige, for those who like wood, the walls should be light green and light blue, for those who like water, the walls should be light blue and light gray, for those who like fire, the walls should be light red, light purple and light green, for those who like earth, the walls should be light gray, yellow and light red.

  More details can be found at: Determining wall colors according to the five elements

  Residential walls painted with color, not all painted in one color, feng shui is concerned about the bright hall dark room, so the color of the living room walls should be distinguished from the color of the walls of other rooms. Living room wall color to bright as a starting point, while the bedroom or study walls can choose a slightly more secretive color. If the residential walls are chosen cream, ivory, white, there is no restriction. Because these colors are mild, easy to be accepted by the visual nerve, and the sunlight is white system, through natural evolution, humans have become accustomed to this color. It should be noted that the residential wall color is not advocated too much, to just the right principle, which is conducive to human health. Home color selection feng shui taboo ceiling color should be light, the floor color should be dark, and the wall color is between the ceiling and wall color. Because this is in line with the rules of the sky clear and turbid, feng shui that the ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the earth, and the walls represent people. The colors of the three exist in gradual changes, and gradually blend, making people feel comfortable and cozy.

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  Dining room for the dining place, should be mainly warm neutral colors, such as beige, white, orange, coffee, etc., if coupled with a brightly colored tablecloth, it makes people’s appetite. Living room should be mainly neutral colors, such as beige, light green, lake blue, etc. The bedroom is a place to rest, not mainly bright colors, but should be mainly neutral colors, such as beige, white, lime green, beige, etc. These colors can give people a warm feeling and help them sleep. Kitchen colors should be mainly warm and neutral colors, such as orange, beige, coffee, etc. Bathroom colors are generally neutral colors, such as white, gray, beige, ink, etc.

  It is not appropriate to use too much red and black, red is fire, irritating, too much Yang, use too much, easy to hurt the eyes, but also make people’s tempers become irritable, easy to attract right and wrong. Black mysterious and solemn, too much yin, the negative impact on human emotions, easy to give people a sense of depression and room rest. Therefore, red and black in the home color should not be too much, play a matching role.

  Overall, the space color scheme can not exceed three, including white and black are not included, otherwise, too many color schemes, so that the whole home looks messy and untidy.

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